Lammas Ritual at Lake Merritt Labyrinth

Lammas 2022 ritual with Reclaiming East Bay – Sunday July 31, 1pm

Meet at the Lake Merritt Labyrinth, 500 Bellevue in Oakland (map below).

Celebrate the Summer with games, recipes, and magic!

More info below, or email:

Lammas 2022 Reclaiming ritual – Lake Merritt Labyrinth

Lughnasadh at the Lake

“Like the Bread, We Rise Together”

Saturday, July 31 – Gather at 1pm, Ritual 1:30-3p

Lake Merritt Labyrinth (500 Bellevue Ave) in Oakland

-see map above

Masks Required (read more below)

Ritual will include:

*Lughnasadh Games – we will have various lawn games, including Miniature Caber-Tossing, in honor of the Celtic holiday’s traditional competitive games.

**Food Drive: Food insecurity is an ever-rising threat to the well-being of thousands of people in our area alone.  In honor of the sacred feasting of Lughnasadh and Reclaiming’s commitment to social justice, we will gather food and money donations for the Alameda County Food Bank.

***Recipe Competition: Do you have a favorite recipe that you want to share with the community?  Bring some for folx to take home (enough for ~30 small samples) and the recipe itself to hand out.  The competition will be to explain how to make this food in no more than 100 words OR 10 stanzas OR one interpretive dance.  Points will be awarded for silliest costumes and most references to Spatulæ.  Winner will be awarded the Holy Sacred Spoon of Paganism!

All Reclaiming-friendly folx welcome.  No alcohol or intoxicants before or during this gathering please.


Community Asks:

-Have an idea for a brief, access-friendly lawn game to offer?  Perhaps a practical skill that you can teach quickly?  Let us know!  We want to add it to the Lughnasadh games before the Recipe Competition.

-Have a folding table?  We’re looking for 2 or 3.  Please email to offer.

-Participate in the recipe competition!  Email so we know how many entries to expect – or just come prepared on the day.

To Bring:

-A Mask

-Food Drive donations: money or food (food guidelines here)

-A blanket or chairs, if desired (it’s goose poop season!)

-Recipe printouts (you can share even if you don’t want to compete!)

-Extra fruits, veggies, or preserves from your home to share.  Let’s stock one another’s pantries!

-A full belly (we will not eat together at or after ritual)


Accessibility, Masks, and Lake Merritt


Wheelchairs and Walkers: In our best estimation as able-bodied ritual leaders, this site is wheels-friendly.  There will be a wheelchair available on site if anyone would benefit from using one but arrives without.

Families: ritual site is adjacent to a playground!

Cars: Parking will be easily available within 2-3 blocks of the ritual, to the north of Grand Ave.  Set your GPS for the “Lake Merritt Labyrinth” or 500 Bellevue Ave in Oakland.  Our most local ritual leader recommends searching on Staten Ave., Bellevue Ave, or Euclid Ave. north of Grand.

Public: We recommend 19th Street BART station followed by either a 20-minute walk or a brief ride on the 12 Bus.  Those coming from San Francisco will enjoy the NL Transbay Bus, which drops off within a block of the ritual location.


Yes, we also really hate wearing masks.  Yet masks are back for this ritual.  Why?

As much as we have loved doing outdoor ritual with no masks, the new BA.5 COVID variant spreads much faster than the previous variant and evades the vaccines and immunity from previous infections. For the safety of the community we need all people ages 2+ to mask at the ritual.  If this variant information catches you by surprise, please read more in this article (thanks, Kimba!).

Lake Merritt Safety and Access Concerns

This is specifically in response to concerns two community members raised by email last week about holding ritual at Lake Merritt.  As a majority of the ritual leaders for Lughnasadh live around Lake Merritt, we were able to use our knowledge of the area to choose a site we believe will address concerns around parking.  We expect parking to be easily available to those who can walk 2-3 blocks, and we are happy to speak more by email with those who would find this a limitation to attending.  Please reach out!

Secondly, based on our personal experiences living in this area, we do not find it is unsafe even in comparison with some previous East Bay ritual locations, and we have no hesitations recommending it as a safe place to gather for this ritual.

We ask that those traveling to Lake Merritt who are unfamiliar with this historically Black area withhold judgment and be open to the joys of this beloved center of Oakland life.  Especially because our country is riddled with injustices and assumptions about what a Black neighborhood means for safety, the Lughnasadh ritual team affirm that we must rely on our team’s personal experiences over news stories and anecdotes.  Let us be respectful guests on this stolen land.

Questions or join Reclaiming East Bay googlegroup:

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Campfire Chants: Lyrics and Lore Booklet!

Campfire Chants – Deluxe Lyrics & Lore Booklet!
Full-color print edition or free PDF – booklet accompanies our Campfire Chants album – listen free online
Booklet is perfect for coffeetables, bedtime reading, and learning ukulele chords to our chants!
Chants & Music, Reclaiming, Spiral Dance

Spiral Dance 2019 Playlist!

Here’s the updated version of our 2019 Spiral Dance music, including Suzanne Sterling & Skyclad’s Elements song.

Spiral Dance playlist on youtube and Spotify

The youtube version also features a short Place of Power meditation – we need a recording of an ancestor trance complete with a journey to the Isle of Apples!

Youtube also includes both spiral dance promo videos – very fun!

Spiral Dance Playlist on Youtube and Spotify

Lotsa Reclaiming Playlists – click here!

Photo by Michael Rauner – Spiral Dance 2008.


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Teen Earth Magic Book!

The Teen Earth Magic book, which gathers workings, interviews, photos, and more from the first ten years of Reclaiming’s youth camp, is now available! Proceeds benefit TEM.

Available on Amazon or as a free PDF.

Teen Earth Magic grew out of Reclaiming family camp organizing, and includes young people from Redwood Magic, Witchlets, and other camps.

The Teen Earth Magic Workbook – not for teens only! – focuses on empowerment, awareness, and action.


This unique and powerful tool, based on twelve years of rituals, classes, and grassroots activism at Reclaiming’s Teen Earth Magic camp, gathers 350 pages of Reclaiming-style magic plus 40 years of music and other resources – much of it free online.

Hundreds of ideas for teens, adults, teachers, and organizers – spellcrafting, divination, activism, pentacle magic, and much more.

Illustrated with dozens of photos from our California-based youth retreat, sibling camps Witchlets in the Woods and Redwood Magic Family Camp, and events such as the Spiral Dance and street activism, the book includes:

  • step-by-step skills and practice in creating magical rituals
  • sample rituals including an online ritual; magical activism
  • interviews with participants about the meaning of magic and how we can use it to help change ourselves and the world
  • dozens of spells and workings that can be done alone or in groups; solitary and small-circle magic
  • dealing with curses and negative energy; pentacle workings; intuitive tarot and divination
  • chants for rituals and everyday magic
  • and much more!

With a Foreword by Starhawk, whose Earth Activist Training courses helped inspire Teen Earth Magic.

Available on Amazon or as a free PDF.