Camp Updates

Redwood Magic Online

August 14-16, 2020 – Via Zoom

Visit our 2020 camp page for complete schedule and zoom links!

Redwood Magic invites families and young people to join us for a weekend of magic and creativity. We’ll offer short opening and closing rituals, as well as age-based and all-age workshops and events through the weekend. There will even be a talent show!

Although we invite you to choose the events that suit your family and schedule, we are asking folks to register to help us plan the weekend. We hope most folks will be part of the opening and closing circles (Friday and Sunday).

Kids’ activities will meet one time per age-group. Teens and adults may meet more often. How about a parents’ circle after the kids go to bed? Or an all-night teens role-playing game?

Raccoons – Saturday morning

Newts (ages approx 0-8) – Sunday 11am

Cost – sliding scale $0-99 per family. Any additional donations will sustain our longterm camp organizing.